About Platinum Peak Advisors

At Platinum Peak Advisors, our mission is to help clients align their financial choices with their most deeply-held goals and values, focusing on the places where wealth intersects life. We go beyond the technical aspects of wealth management to help our clients discover that wealth is more than money.

Through our various processes, we help our clients change their lives in profound ways. We help them to secure their financial futures, see clearly the vision of the life they desire, realize their dreams and pass along lasting legacies to the people and causes that are dear to them.

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Financial Planning


Investment Management

This first step involves a comprehensive discussion about risk and reward with a sophisticated risk tolerance assessment tool. It is through this process that we will develop an understanding of the client’s goals and philosophy.


Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Policy Audit and Review process integrates the client’s need for a brief education in the complex world of life insurance, with their need to understand their specific policy’s existing and future benefits, costs and options.


SBA Loan Solutions

Platinum Peak Advisors is a dedicated resource for Government Guaranteed Lenders and their clients.  We have robust knowledge and experience in providing collateral policies for life and disability income insurance for Small Business Administration (SBA) and other loans.

We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.

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