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Life And Disability Income Insurance Solutions for Government Guaranteed Loans


Timely Delivery for the Lender + Options for the Borrower = The Story of Success at Platinum Peak Advisors

When a Government Guaranteed Lender recommends life insurance for a borrower, they want:

  • Prompt follow-up with the borrower
  • Life insurance solutions that meet the requirements of the lender
  • Competitive marketplace pricing
  • Regular communication from the agent regarding the process
  • Delivery of the policy and properly recorded assignment prior to the deadline
  • Warning when the policy is in jeopardy of lapse

We work to provide various options to achieve the above goals.  The reason is that one company’s products do not fit all borrowers or situations.

At Platinum Peak Advisors, we offer a variety of options to satisfy the lender’s and the borrower’s needs.


Some insurance brokers tout that they have “exclusive access” to carriers and expedited underwriting programs.  The truth is that Platinum Peak Advisors has access to highly rated carriers as well as the expedited programs offered by other insurance brokers.   In fact, many major carriers are either creating or updating their streamlined underwriting process due to the demand in the market and the ability to use technology and algorithms to increase both the speed and quality of the underwriting.  We work with a team to research and offer streamlined underwriting programs from many of the top-rated carriers and select the most appropriate ones to assist the borrower in their particular situation.

Platinum Peak Advisors has access to many highly rated carriers and expedited underwriting programs.


As a member office of ValMark Financial Group, a large and experienced life insurance purchasing group, Platinum Peak Advisors has resources available to us that are of great value and quality, including:

  • A dedicated new business team with carrier new business personnel;
  • An internal underwriting department that includes a medical director and underwriters;
  • Proprietary programs to evaluate client insurability;
  • Experienced marketing professionals to assist with optimal product selection; and
  • Financial planning that provides additional support.

These resources assist us in obtaining coverage for most clients, even with difficult underwriting challenges, efficiently and at a favorable rate. This helps lenders get to closing with the requested coverage, on time, and with clients feeling that they have been fairly treated.

Platinum Peak Advisors has access to resources to help place most cases on a timely basis and at favorable rates.


Platinum Peak Advisors is a dedicated resource for Government Guaranteed Lenders and their clients.  We have robust knowledge and experience in providing collateral policies for life and disability income insurance for Small Business Administration (SBA) and other loans.  In addition, we provide full financial and estate planning for business people and professionals of all types.  We have assisted in many SBA cases of all sizes with various lenders and requirements.  With our collaboration with McGloin Financial, we incorporate experience spanning over 20 years in this field, with many regional and national speaking and consulting engagements. 

Platinum Peak Advisors has robust experience and expertise in providing collateral life and disability income insurance for SBA and other loans.

Platinum Peak Advisors pride themselves on their time-sensitive, communicative and professional service to lenders and their borrowers.