Helping Clients - Delivering Value

Life achievements, success, security and prosperity are personal rewards we all strive for. They are the result of persistence, foresight and planning. Like many busy, successful individuals, perhaps you see your destination, but not the steps along the way. At Platinum Peak Advisors, we believe that successfully reaching life’s pinnacles requires a helping hand and a professional plan that manages not only the opportunities, but also the risks that you may encounter.

Our purpose is to help you not only plan your financial journey, but most importantly, deliver on our commitment to help you reach your destination. That is what sets us apart.

Bridging the gap between planning and execution, Platinum Peak Advisors builds accountability into each step of the financial planning process. Whether you are accumulating wealth to achieve financial freedom, seeking ways to make smart use of your money during retirement, or wish to provide long term security for your family, business or community, Platinum Peak Advisors employs powerful analytical tools to help you understand exactly where you stand, and where you are heading, connecting your progress toward goals at any given point in time.

Connecting Your Life’s Financial Journey

With a broad view of the path to your destination, Platinum Peak Advisors can effectively guide you according to the priorities you establish by helping you:

  • Build and manage your wealth in line with your needs and objectives
  • Manage risk
  • Strategically reduce income, excise, capital gain, gift, estate, and generation skipping taxes
  • Assure the continuance of your lifestyle through retirement and retirement distribution planning
  • Keep your financial affairs current through our online Personal Financial Portal, ongoing reviews and plan updates. This includes keeping your plan aligned with changes in your personal circumstances as well as external changes in the economy and markets.

How Do We Help You Accomplish Your Goals?

1. Through Experience and Objectivity

With many years of combined financial planning, legal, accounting and business consulting experience, our team of financial planning and tax professionals understands the complexities of wealth and all of its implications. We also understand the value of providing our clients with truly objective financial planning advice. We are independently owned and are not tied to any one company, product or provider. Our mission is to serve as your financial advocate with the goal of designing and executing the right mix of strategies around your unique needs at each point in your financial journey. 

2. Through An Effective Process

Sometimes life gets in the way of properly organizing and addressing our financial affairs. We understand what it’s like for busy, successful individuals. But eventually, lack of planning can limit our choices and opportunities. That’s why after decades of working with successful clients, we utilize the most advanced and comprehensive technology tools designed to organize, analyze, coordinate and report on all aspects of your financial affairs.

After we have performed our initial data gathering and review, we will often recommend one or more of the processes to which we have access to address various aspects of your financial affairs. These processes include: