Live Life Well

We believe that living life well is a tangible result of following a healthy financial regimen. That’s why we developed The Living Financial Roadmap™ – a six-step, collaborative and customized process that is clearly defined by your needs, goals, circumstances and philosophy (see diagram at right).

Creating and maintaining a Living Financial Roadmap is especially critical in today’s complex and fast-paced financial environment as a means to effectively address important financial factors such as:

  • Changing economic conditions (inflation, interest rates)
  • Tax law changes
  • Volatility in equity and fixed income markets
  • Changing family dynamics
  • Earnings and spending pattern changes
  • Business and career changes
  • Health and healthcare changes

A Dynamic Management Tool

More than a disciplined planning process, The Living Financial Roadmap™ is also a convenient tool for managing and tracking your finances in real time. Web-based and privacy-encrypted, it gives you an integrated snapshot of your financial picture at any given point in time through:

  • A private website to access and monitor your personal Living Financial Roadmap
  • Storage and easy access to all of your legal and financial documents in one central location (The Vault)
  • Real-time reporting through daily electronic feeds from your financial providers
  • The ability to view alternative planning scenarios through a “What If” Analysis

Connecting the Dots

Very importantly, The Living Financial Roadmap enables us to assess all of the unique points in your financial life, allowing us to build a truly holistic plan. Very similar to the services of a Family Office… we provide insight and experience spanning multiple financial disciplines to combine your legal, financial, tax, philanthropic and business matters into a unified plan that is managed with meticulous care.

The Payoff

Ultimately, you will find that implementing a Living Financial Roadmap gives you the ability to:

  • Control your financial destiny
  • Organize your personal, business and financial life
  • Execute and monitor your entire planning spectrum
  • Consolidate investment advice and reporting
  • Manage risk through comprehensive insurance reviews and updating
  • Access up‐to‐date financial statements and scenarios
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are proactively attending to the opportunities and risks encountered along your life’s financial journey

For additional information about the Living Financial Roadmap, please contact us.